Trump says DACA recipients should not worry about status

Trump says DACA recipients should not worry about status

"Let's work together on behalf of the many current and potential DACA beneficiaries in our schools to push Congress to act swiftly to sustain the DACA program".

They are the Rosa Parks of immigration - innocent and upstanding.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference Thursday that she asked Trump to write the tweet.

In North Carolina, 49,712 residents have had deferred action applications approved, and some have had them renewed, giving the state the eighth-highest number of DACA participants in the country. But this latest constitutional whiplash undermines that defense on an even more profound level. But critically, during that span, the Justice Department will have argued in courts throughout the United States that the reason for the withdrawing of DACA was because it is unconstitutional. These students are central to the "sifting and winnowing" of ideas that takes place at our universities and makes democracy possible.

In response to the Trump administration's rhetoric regarding undocumented families and students, Newark Public Schools Superintendent Christopher Cerf in the spring released a letter to all NPS families, assuring all undocumented families that their right to a public education in Newark would not be affected by recent political events.

"I have a love for these people, and hopefully Congress will be able to help them and do it properly", Mr trump said. "If they can't, I will revisit this issue!" he wrote. Today their information - and their future - lies in the hands of President Trump. Canceling the program, according to their analysis, could result in a reduction in the labor force of 30,000 a month as their DACA status expires.

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Ironically, President Trump's actions may come full circle for the Republican Party when the Census is completed.

Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama, right, talks with the former bishop of the Diocese of Raleigh Michael Burbidge before his installation August 29, 2017. This decision is yet another illustration of what Benjamin Wittes referred to as "malevolence tempered by incompetence". Suppressed counts in states with large Latino populations could influence where the last few marginal seats are awarded. At the very least, presidents who sincerely wanted to protect the dreamers, and not their xenophobic base, would have given Congress a clear direction and framework for the legislation they wanted passed to replace DACA.

The Left would like us to believe there are only two choices: Ignore the Constitution and continue the DACA program, or end it, inflicting chaos, pain, and uncertainty upon more than half a million human beings.

. "Congress is already taking steps to improve our immigration enforcement and border security..." The result will not be fewer immigrants in the country, but merely more immigrants attempting to remain out of sight. Around 17000 Indian Americans are on the waiting list for the DACA.

"I said, the people really need a reassurance from you, Mr. President, that the six month period is not a period of round-up", she said, " and these people will not be vulnerable". It's an act of mercy when the letter of the law may improperly demand punishment. One in four of them lives in California. He continued to say that revoking DACA was necessary to ensure "safe communities, a robust middle class, and economic fairness for all Americans". It was established as a temporary stopgap while Congress acted on immigration reform.

"I am extremely disappointed by the administration's decision to rollback the DACA program unless Congress acts", Cerf said.

Kansas was one of 26 states that had sued over DACA, charging that Obama did not have the authority to create the program by executive order. "If we survived before, we can survive now, but we went into the Ph.D (program) because we just wanted to get a degree, to (become educated).This is what we enjoy, we want to contribute to society and to our community".

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