Apollo was The Hulk's body double in Thor: Ragnarok

Apollo was The Hulk's body double in Thor: Ragnarok

While the beautiful pairing last attended a public event back in October of 2016 at Variety's Power of Women gathering, it had been awhile since they attended a film premiere together. In casting that role, I think Taika was very lucky that Kronans have the same exact accent as New Zealanders.

While Apollo did not pose for photos with Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet, he gushed about his idol during an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin this week. Maybe that's why Thor is so upset.

"You'll have to see". As long as she's happy with whatever appearances she wants to attend and continues to post anything related to the gorgeous Hemsworth brother, I say all the more power to her. This time, Odinson has also brought along his Avenger pal, Bruce Banner, who will tag along in his new adventure through the cosmic realm. He has nothing. I saw a friend in need, so I just decided to extend a handshake.he turned up at my house in Australia uninvited. "I think the fans will know and love and be excited for it". I can't give it away, but there is something pretty exciting coming.

Des militants Greenpeace tirent des feux d'artifice dans une centrale nucléaire
Les membres de l'association environnementale se sont introduits ce jeudi matin sur le site de Cattenom en Moselle. Ils alerteront également les citoyens sur l'obligation pour EDF de prendre en main ce problème.

Gunn opened both barrels and fired a round of glowing, ecstatic comments about a movie which he believes is the funniest Marvel adaptation yet.

If you're like me and you've never heard of Miek before, that probably means you've also never read that particular comic run or seen Planet Hulk, the 2010 animated direct-to-video feature that loosely inspired some of this film's plot. As things continue to change for Thor moving forward, it's only fitting that the world around him starts to expand.

Besides the upcoming Thor film, the Hulk is slated to appear in The Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: 4, giving Feige and the team plenty of time to carefully orchestrate a character arc for the Hulk. It hits theaters on November 3rd, 2017.

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