Cool Things to Do in Star Wars Battlefront II

Cool Things to Do in Star Wars Battlefront II

"This saga has been a perfect storm for overreaction as it involves EA, Star Wars, Reddit, and certain purist gaming journalists/outlets who dislike MTX", Wingren added. We haven't heard about it a ton over the last few weeks, have you? Instead of building on the first game's massive success by adding an oft-requested single player campaign and expanding the breadth of multiplayer content, EA went a step further and couched player progression in a complex system with multiple currencies and a steep incline towards unlocking everything.

Let me start first by saying Star Wars Battlefront II is absolutely gorgeous to look at. A note from KeyBanc Capital Markets suggests that the outrage on display from media and fans is not justified. They will continue working on the issue until they come up with a suitable solution to the controversy and meet the expectations of all parties involved.

But, alas, none of the streams have been able to capture not even one full, finished round, after nine attempts. The planned monetization strategy would have made it very difficult for many players to unlock those characters. Perhaps too familiar: it lacks any big, innovative new mode.

It appears all the drama surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront II and its microtransactions are directly impacting its sales. But EA asserts that the loot box mechanic (called "crates" in the Star Wars game) is not gambling.

However, game developers say the slot machine comparison is not accurate, and likened loot crates to trading cards instead.

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Battlefront II - should it cost more? In other words, it pretty much feels like Battlefield in the Star Wars universe (which it is). You could get abilities to do more damage or move faster, or you might get a dud, like a "dance" emote for your character.

Finally, Blast is good, old-fashioned Team Deathmatch.

Beyond that, most other competitive games do not offer "pay to win" advantages, which imbalances the game to favour paying players. Each year, more and more players choose to download their games instead of purchasing boxed copies at retail, and this will have had a slight effect on Star Wars Battlefront 2's sales. At least in the UK, where Star Wars Battlefront II are down 50% from last year's excellent Battlefield 1 amd down 60% from the 2015 original. And it's particularly wondrous to behold in 4K on an Xbox One X.

Your contact also makes reference to an intimidating Admiral named Rax - this is referring to Gallius Rax, the chief antagonist of the Aftermath book series. The campaign mode features a new canon story that takes place after the Battle of Endor.

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