Donald Trump asks Xi Jinping to cut off North Korea's oil

Donald Trump asks Xi Jinping to cut off North Korea's oil

Russia's foreign minister has accused the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations of a "bloodthirsty" stance on North Korea that could significantly worsen tensions.

"The Russian delegation delivered its position of condemning the missile launch, but the North Korean representatives refuted the statement, and said the measures were necessary to respond to U.S. threats", Chepa said, adding North Korea is conducting tests to "achieve a balance of power" with its rivals.

Haley earlier this week warned North Korea's leadership it would be 'utterly destroyed' if war were to break out after Pyongyang test fired its most advanced missile, putting the US mainland within range, in violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Perched at a main intersection in Shenyang, a hub for North Korean businesses in China, the hotel is North Korea's largest overseas investment, according to Lu Chao, an expert in China-North Korea relations at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, a Chinese government think-tank in Shenyang. The demands that China act against North Korea point to the fact that the principal concern of the American ruling class in the region is the growing influence of China.

The U.S. has called for the Security Council to adopt new, tougher sanctions including cutting off the North's oil supply.

Dutch autopsy shows dead war criminal took cyanide: A former Croatian general who died after swallowing a liquid at a war crimes hearing in the Netherlands had cyanide in his system, Dutch prosecutors said after an autopsy Friday.

These are not the first Chinese military exercises scheduled around a major North Korean provocation.

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Will America attack the Friendship Pipeline running between China and North Korea or hit the North's only operating refinery? The former is consumed by an endless series of allegations of sexual harassment, while the latter is preoccupied with the drive to pass a massive tax cut to corporations and the rich, which has sent the stock markets soaring once again.

"The purpose of this visit is to brief about the party congress and exchange views on issues of common interest and bilateral interest", Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang asserted upon Song's departure to North Korea. Since yesterday, Pyongyang has never been this confident. "My impression is that only Russia could act as a guarantor of such talks", said Taisayev.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, an occasional critic of Trump, solidarised himself with the war threats of the administration, telling CNN on Wednesday: "If we have to go to war to stop this, we will. We're heading towards a war if things don't change".

According to Xinhua, Xi told Trump that denuclearising the Korean Peninsula and preserving peace and stability in Northeast Asia remain China's unwavering goals. "Even those trying to escape from the mosque were not spared", he said. "China can do this on its own, or we can take the oil situation into our own hands".

The Hwasong 15 missile launched on Wednesday flew higher than any other previously tested by the North before falling in Japanese waters. Russia's intervention in Syria prevented the collapse of the Syrian regime and did much to bolster is reputation with its allies.

"If there is a crisis in North Korea, both sides have their own backup plans".

Kim's nuclear program has also inspired Japan, the United States, and South Korea to deepen their military cooperation.

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