Trump Bannon row: Book to be released early

Trump Bannon row: Book to be released early

Although the White House has denounced Wolff's Fire and Fury as "complete fantasy", the book sheds light on concerns among top White House aides over Trump's psychological fitness for America's highest office. It is currently No. 1 on, via pre-sales, both in print and as a Kindle ebook.

Still, Trump insisted Thursday that he doesn't talk to Bannon, calling it a "misnomer". After all, Steve was supposed to be Trump's personal cheerleader - not de facto leader.

Then, Trump's face appeared on two large high-definition TV screens placed on either side of the podium, and began saluting the 'historic tax cut' that just became law.

In case you've already forgotten, Bannon's the ominously off-kilter head of the ultra-conservative Breitbart News Network - which has this nasty habit of comparing birth control to the Holocaust.

Neither Wolff nor the publisher, Henry Holt and Co Inc, have yet responded. "It contains some extremely damaging misstatements of fact which I will be happy to point out to you if we could meet".

Wolff appears to have juked the Trumpies with a similar move.

Of course this only happened after Mr. Bannon made disparaging remarks about Mr. Trump and his family members who worked on the campaign. A work of journalism need not incorporate the give and take of an Oxford Union debate. He's been known in the past to cozy up to sources, as he did with Trump staffers, only to burn them harshly in his book. If Wolff was guilty of anything, it was of extending to victorious Republicans the time-honored opportunity of having their say, something Barack Obama and company enjoyed repeatedly following the 2008 election without any mass freak-out.

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Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump heralded Steve Bannon's praise for him on Thursday in his first public comments since he released a fiery statement slamming his former White House chief strategist. The greater the criticism from the press, he had to know, the greater likelihood the Trumpies would embrace him.

Wolff told the Today show that he spent about three hours with Trump during the campaign and after his inauguration.

The White House said healthcare, the fiscal 2019 budget, the opioid crisis and the effort to win Senate confirmation of Trump's nominees for various government posts would be discussed at the retreat, which will also be attended by Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Did Trump never ask Murdoch about Wolff?

"Our First Amendment doctrine is quite clear that the courts will be of no help to try to attempt to prevent speech by a former government official", she said.

The level of dysfunction in the White House has reached unheard-of dimensions and puts the Trump presidency and the future of America at grave risk.

If ever there were a man who deserved to get Wolffed, it's Donald Trump. "It's disgraceful and laughable", Sanders said.

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