Scientists test 'unknown substance' in suspected Russian spy poisoning

Scientists test 'unknown substance' in suspected Russian spy poisoning

He added that "the man went stiff, his arms stopped moving but he was still looking dead straight". She was sort of leant-in on him, it looked like she'd passed out maybe.

He was pardoned before being flown to Britain as part of a high-profile spy swap involving Russia and the United States in 2010, and has kept a low profile since.

In a statement, the embassy said it was "impressed" by Johnson's comments, saying he spoke "in such a manner as if the investigation was already over and Russia was found responsible for what had happened in Salisbury".

Footage shows the pair being taken away by emergency services overnight.

He and his daughter were found collapsed on a bench near a shopping mall Sunday in the town of Salisbury, 90 miles southwest of London.

Senior ministers were expected to be part of an emergency "Cobra" meeting on Wednesday.

The case has been compared to the 2006 murder of the former Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko.

According to previous reports by Russia's state news agency RIA Novosti, Skripal was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2006 for spying for the UK.

Yulia reported the death to Wiltshire Council's register office, but also told staff that her father was a retired local government planning officer.

The Chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat said that Russia had not been linked to the incident yet, but it "certainly bears all the hallmarks of a Russian attack".

The desperation of the people especially those in the military and in oil industry, I see as forcing action and one crisis after another.

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While Mr Rowley would not say any more about the investigation, a US security source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the main line of police inquiry was Russians may have used the substance against Skripal in revenge for his treachery.

Investigators wearing protective fear and masks were seen Tuesday evening inside Zizzi's restaurant near Salisbury city center, where the Skripals were found. It's one of a number of sites that are being examined in the area.

"I am happy my story has raised awareness about the potential danger posed by Moscow, and this could help to save somebody's life", she wrote in an opinion piece.

More details are to be revealed about the substance that caused a Russian double agent and his daughter to fall critically ill, the Home Secretary said.

The Russian spy, turned British informer, who was found unconscious together with his 33-year-old daughter on a bench in Salisbury, England, on Sunday, got the first break in his career with Russian Military Intelligence (GRU) when he was stationed to Malta in 1985.

Two police officers were treated in hospital for minor symptoms, believed to include itchy eyes and wheezing, before they were given the all clear.

It is thought her latest visit to the UK may have been timed to coincide with her late brother's birthday.

But British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned that any involvement of a foreign government in the incident would not go "unpunished".

It is understood Alexander died several days after his planned trip to St Petersburg, which was described as a holiday.

"We have to have the caution that this could be just a particularly bad form of food poisoning", Mark Galeotti, head of the Centre for European Security at the Institute of International Relations told Fox News.

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